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by Ararat
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Ararat Nairi X.O 20 Yr Armenian Brandy 750ML

Twenty-year-old ARARAT “Nairi” is the most complex and deepest in the range of ARARAT cognacs. In its noble multifaceted bouquet, spicy shades of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey and light fragrant peppercorn are perfectly balanced.
Exposure 20 years. Fortress - 40% MOMENT
The triumph of the victory, the achievement of the cherished goal - these are the moments for which the ARARAT “Nairi” Cognac was created. His exquisite blend perfectly emphasizes the significance of accomplishments and will be an excellent gift to this triumphant. LEGEND
ARARAT cognac “Nairi” got its name in honor of the powerful people of Nairi, who inhabited the kingdom of Urartu, on whose territory modern Armenia is located. This excellent blend is rightfully considered the pinnacle of Markar Sedrakyan’s mastery. Try Ararat Dvin Armenian Brandy from our Armenian Brandy Collection.

Size: 750 ml

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