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Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey W/Two Glasses 750ml

What happens when Jack Daniels gets stung by a bee? JACK DANIELS HONEY! This bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey features the original Jack Daniel's mixed with a touch of honey to create the slightly sweet Jack Daniels Whiskey Liqueur.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey amber yellow in color, this liqueur looks a lot like a bottle of clover honey. The nose is sweet and spicy, with solid cinnamon notes and a light floral undertone. The entry opens with clear honey notes which is quickly backed up by a perfect level of cinnamon. There is more spice here than heat and the spice is absolutely dialed in. The cinnamon fades in the mid-palate and gives way to a subtle milk chocolate note which lingers after a fairly swift finish. There is absolutely no heat in the finish, and for a sweet honey liqueur, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey impressively Whiskey doesn't leave a heavy residue on the palate.

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Size: 750 ml

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