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Jose Cuervo 250th Anniversary Añejo Tequila 750ml

Mexico - The nose is filled with smoke and sherry character, plus some surprising citrus character. The body has lots of agave in it, but Jose Cuervo 250th Anniversary Añejo Tequila is balanced with smooth chocolate, butterscotch, and vanilla character. It is moderately creamy and has a moderate finish.

This limited edition commemorates the historic birth of tequila production and eleven generations of Cuervo family tradition. In commemoration of the 250th anniversary, Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario is an ultra-rare 100% blue agave extra añejo tequila blended from the most select tequilas in the family’s reserve and aged in a unique double-cask method. Aged first in new French and American oak barrels, it is finished by resting the liquid in Spanish sherry casks as a saludo to the Spaniards, who brought new world distillation techniques to the old-world vino de mezcal process – leading to modern-day tequila production.

Size: 750 ml

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