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Maestro Dobel Añejo Tequila 750ml

From the ancient Jalisco volcanic lowlands, the agave that is carefully selected for Maestro Dobel Reposado grows. The exquisite result is the production of a Tequila aromatic with herbal and citrus aromas.What makes Maestro Dobel Añejo special is the result of the combination of vintages from the different phases of the aging process. This combination is exclusive to Maestro Dobel tequilas and results in superior flavors.COLORDark amber with bright golden, coppery tones and an exceptional body that comes from high-quality agaves.TASTEA satisfying combination of different sensations, including the dominance of wood interspersed with sweet, nutty and vanilla flavors, with slight notes of agave and fruitiness. Maestro Dobel Añejo Tequila has an indescribably smooth, long finish.Other Varieties:Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino Extra Añejo Tequila 750ml

Size: 750 ml

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