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Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 50ml

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Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac 50ml

A legendary Cognac from the prestigious house of Remy Martin, containing Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie aged between 40 and 100 years and packaged in a gorgeous Baccarat decanter.
The traditional Louis XIII Cognac is a stunning alchemy, a flawless blend of over 1,200 different types of Grand Champagne eaux-de-vie married together, with the youngest eau-de-vie being 40 years old and the oldest being over 100 years old (a longer lifespan than 99% of the human population). This seemingly infinite aging process is stewarded by at least three generations of Rémy Martin cellar masters. 

Each drop represents a finely tuned craft passed down from one generation of Cellar Master to the next. The eaux-de-vie are slowly aged in old Limousin tierçons (traditional-aged French oak casks). Every sip is a taste of time.

No two of these decanters are the same. Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac is hand-crafted by skilled artisans from the finest European crystal houses, each decanter is individually numbered and unique. The distinctive design, featuring a 20-carat gold neck and 10 distinctive spikes on each side. The Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac decanter is beautifully presented in a signature red display case with contemporary design features while retaining the iconic red color.

  • Brand: Remy Martin
  • Category: Spirits
  • Class: Brandy
  • Type: Cognac
  • Origin: France
  • ABV/Proof: 80
  • Volume: 50 ml
  • Package Size: 50 ml

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