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Santa Clara Rompope 1 Liter

There are many different brands of Rompope produced in Mexico; Santa Clara Rompope is by far #1. It is currently being distributed in Mexico by Casa Cuervo. They use all natural ingredients unlike most of the other brands of Rompope. Rompope is a traditional liqueur from Mexico made with fresh cream, sugar and eggs. It is consumed primarily straight but is also used in many Mexican Holiday desserts and pastries. Santa Clara Rompope is a traditional Mexican liqueur made with fresh cream, sugar, and eggs. There are many different brands of Rompope produced in Mexico. Santa Clara is currently being produced by Casa Cuervo. All natural ingredients are used to produce Rompope Santa Clara. Santa Clara is consumed year-round, but especially from October through March. Santa Clara is typically enjoyed straight, but is also incorporated into many Mexican holiday desserts and special pastries

Size: 1 L

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