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Widow Jane 'The Vaults' 15 Year 2023 Edition Bourbon Whiskey is a collection of the distillery’s oldest and rarest whiskeys, from TN & IN, aged a minimum of 15 years and meticulously blended, only ever in extremely small batches, before being finished for 3 months in air-seasoned casks at Widow Jane’s Red Hook rickhouse.

Each release in The Vaults collection is highlighted by bold flavors including those imparted by the specific wood in which it was finished; a different wood every year harvested from various regions and with different amounts of air-seasoning to the staves the casks are raised from. The Vaults 2023’s finishing barrels were made from Chinquapin Oak staves harvested from trees grown on a limestone-rich shelf in Northern Kentucky and air-seasoned for at least 48 months, withstanding the often dramatic shifts in weather conditions typical of the mid-South.

The Vaults shows the impact of rare and fragile finishing wood on older bourbons. Blending these exceptional bourbons chosen from our TN & IN stocks was a meticulous process, finding the gems in the bunch, and layering in flavor through barrels as old as 20 years. Finishing the whiskey in this slow-growing KY oak allowed for deeper whiskey saturation, the result of which is a spirit that American whiskey collectors are sure to appreciate.

Aroma: Toasted Marshmallow, Pear Turnover, Honeydew, Cinnamon.

Taste: Honeycomb, Butterscotch, Raisin, Molasses, Dried Apricots, Root Beer.

Finish: Pralines and Cream, Roasted Oolong, Black Walnut, Licorice.

Alc. Vol: 49.5 ABV (99 Proof)

Size: 750 ml

Customer Reviews

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David K. (Fredonia, KY)
Very good

About what I expected. Really similar to Barrell gray label bourbon in a good way. Recomend for sure if you don't mind the taste of dickel

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